Since this year we are correspondents of Pet Welfare Alliance, which is a worldwide group of pet owners, vets, healthcare practitioners, trainers/behaviourists, people from every area of the canine world.


The Pet Welfare Alliance was originally formed in 2012 as The Pet Parents' Union and amended shortly afterwards to The Pet Parents' Action Group. It was decided that the Pet Welfare Alliance was a more suitable and descriptive name for its purpose.


Based in Scotland, it is a non-profit organisation (not a registered charity).


Every month they publish a very interesting newsletter. You can get it by adding your name to the supporters list.


The Newsletter November 2012 deals with the following issues:

  • Working together for the animals
  • What you can do now / what has already been done
  • Over-vaccination IS the problem
  • Do you know a jolly good vet?
  • Germany sees benefits in PWA membership
  • Four things your pet will thank you for
  • On a philosophical note
  • Update on the Rabies Challenge Fund
  • Cesar and "that" interview
  • Hurricane Sandy - Flood Action for dogs
  • A notice to supporters


For getting the complete newsletter please click here.